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Traditional Private Chef Services


The price per person can vary depending on the menu or special dietary requirements. Of course, the more servings prepared, the lower the price per serving.


The prices include everything needed to have your healthy, nutritious meals ready to go on the table. The consultation, planning, shopping for groceries, meal preparation, packaging and labeling, and cleanup are all included in the final price.


Because each client’s needs are different, the best approach is to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment where Ken can determine your wants and needs.


Ken will then work with you to design a schedule and service that works for you and your budget.


Special Services


Spend more time with your guests when you let The Whistling Gourmet handle your next gathering, business event or celebration. The same great service for home meal planning and preparation is applied here to your event.


Ken will work with you during your consultation to put together a menu that best matches your event and the appetites of your guests. The ingredients for your meal will be bought the day of your event to ensure the freshest ingredients.


On the day of your event, Ken will prepare and cook your amazing meal and lay it out buffet-style so your guests can conveniently enjoy the amazing food.


And he will make sure your kitchen is cleaned properly, so there’s no mess afterward. At least not in the kitchen.


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