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I am a proud member of the USPCA and believe that cooking has changed my life. The passion to serve others has always been part of my personal makeup, and now I get to show my love for others through my food (or my cooking).

My journey really began years ago, from seeing a need and wanting to serve my family. I worked in the financial services industry, so my workdays would often end earlier than my wife’s who is a magazine editor. So, I decided to do my part to make sure we all could still enjoy a delicious homemade meal together. I quickly realized how much I truly enjoyed cooking for others, as I would be known to whistle while I worked.

It wasn’t long before many friends and family members were asking me to cook for them at their small events. As the years went by, and requests increased, I knew this was my true passion.

In 2010, after I retired, I decided to officially begin my culinary journey by enrolling with the UPSCA for training in Denver.

During my training, I also learned how to properly store meals for later use to ensure the meal tasted just as good as it did when it was first made. This skill, I found out, was another way I could go on to serve others who have demanding schedules and could benefit from having a home-cooked meal ready to go. I also learned creative ways to accommodate dietary restrictions and how to cook a variety of meals that were sure to please every palate.

When I returned from training with my certificate, my excitement couldn’t be contained on starting my own personal chef business. I have my wife to thank for the brilliant idea to call my business The Whistling Gourmet. This fun and witty name just fits, and it encompasses my passion, which leads me to whistle while cooking gourmet meals.

In fact, you wouldn’t believe how many times I am asked, “Do you really whistle while cooking?”

This you will just have to see for yourself!

I am very committed to serving my Omaha community and following the USPCA Code of Ethics as a way of conducting business. Pledging to use the highest-quality ingredients available, I do my shopping the same day I cook, to ensure freshness in my prepared meals.

I have been afforded a quality of life that allows me to focus on continuing to engage, participate and give back to others. I support many professional organizations and causes. My personal business venture allows me to have a flexible schedule, so I can continue to be a part of endeavors I have grown passionate about and serve.

Code of Ethics

United States Personal Chef Association Code of Ethics


As a USPCA Personal Chef and in the interest of maintaining the highest business standards, I promise to:

Provide healthful, nutritious and delicious meals at an affordable price.

2. Create menus based upon the client’s needs and preferences.

3. Use only the freshest meat, fish, vegetables and fruits available and quality ingredients.

4. Maintain a professional and positive image of their business and the USPCA. Always act in accordance with all State and Federal laws and regulations, particularly in matters of food preparation and health standards.

5. Respect for the client’s home, property, belongings and privacy, always acting discreetly and as a member of his/her family.

6. Keep confidential any information about the client, which I may know as a result of work in his/her home.

7. Prompt return of phone messages and e-mail contacts.

8. Full disclosure of any/all information requested by the client in regards to the preparation of meals.

9. Leave clear, concise storage and heating directions for meals prepared.

10. Continued education in culinary arts and staying abreast of changes within the industry.

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